Marie Perrault at opening of Molior 15th anniversary. Photo : Maxime Boisvert

I have been interested in current events in the visual and media arts, as well as in public art, for over thirty years.

I have written texts (essays, prefaces and reviews) and designed several exhibitions or events around the work of Quebec, Canadian and foreign artists. Throughout my career, I have carefully commented on the works as closely as possible to my personal understanding of them.

My personal journey testifies as much to my gradual grasp and reflections about the world around me, as to the evolution of contemporary art and the discourse that accompanies it. It thus stages a partial history being written on a daily basis with the accumulation of my contributions to the polysemy surrounding contemporary art.

More than a chronology, this web archive underlines my individual commitment within this community. It documents in all simplicity a dynamic belonging reiterated in my activities as a critic, curator or public art project manager, sketching a meandering path, even a labyrinth, punctuated by losses and discoveries revisited and reiterated.