Léna Mill-Reuillard, Airer

Léna Mill-Reuillard, Airer, Partial view of installation, DRAC Art actuel, 2023. Photo: Eliane Excoffier

Review of Léna Mill-Reuillard’s exhibition Airer, curated by Florence-Agathe Dubé-Moreau at DRAC Art actuel (Drummondville) in summer 2023.

Ælab devenir-hêtre. Community work

Ælab, devenir-hêtre (2023), 
, MÉDIANE. Chaire de recherche du Canada en arts, écotechnologies de pratique et changements climatiques. Fondation Grantham pour l’art et l’environnement
. Photo : Richard-Max Tremblay

On the exhibition Devenir hêtre (Becoming-Beech), Ælab at the Fondation Grantham pour l’art et l’environnement, Saint-Edmond-de-Grantham, May 11 to May 28, 2023

Eidolons, Lorraine Simms

Catherine Barnabé, Lorraine Simms et James Sutherland-Smith, Eidolons, Montréal : Lorraine Simms, 2022, 60 p., ill. Photo : Paul Litherland

Catherine Barnabé, Lorraine Simms and James Sutherland-Smith, Eidolons (Montréal : Lorraine Simms, 2022), 60 p., ill. (English and French)

Terrestrial Psyche. Mourning and Uprooting

Andréanne Godin, Memorial for a Stranger, 2011 (FOFA Gallery, Concordia University, Montréal). Photo : Justine Latour

Several of Andréanne Godin’s works underline the extent to which the territory is embedded in our memory, through memories of daily or seasonal activities that crystallize as sediment in our psyche(1). Her work also attests to the mourning and uprooting that affect the fullness of this intimate geology. Last text of a series in two… Continue reading Terrestrial Psyche. Mourning and Uprooting

Terrestrial Psyche. Territory and territorialities

Andréanne Godin, The Space in which You Still Exist, 2022. (Oboro, Montréal) Photo : Paul Litherland

What about the relationship between humans and territories, their mutual histories and the feeling of territoriality? Are they indicative of our complex, sometimes intimate, relationships to the places we live in, frequent or visit? First text of a two-part series.

Mat Chivers and Diane Borsato
Human Mineral

Diane Borsato, Gems and Minerals, 2018. Still image captured from video. Courtesy of the artist

My father was a geologist and my childhood was steeped in the scientific vocabulary specific to his field. To me, words like igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock embody the hard kernel of my father, his fascination with apparently inert matter and his singular awareness of long duration.

Disputed Territory

Alexis Gros-Louis, Önenha'; Wen'wa'/ [Superimpositions], 2022. (Partial view of the main hall). Photo: Mike Patten

Review of the exhibition : Önenha’; Wen’wa’/ [Superimpositions]Alexis Gros-Louis, artist (Curator: Terry Randy Awashish)Shé:kon Gallery, Montreal, Project Space, Biennial of Contemporary Aboriginal Art (BACA), from May 7 to June 18, 2022 (Published in Vie des arts Webzine)

The continent of life

Ciels racines, Anne-Marie Proulx, Manon Sioui, Andréanne Godin, Jacynthe Carrier, Caroline Gagné, Natalie Jean, Leila Zelli, Catherine Arsenault, Hannah Claus (details), Arprim. Centre d'essai en art imprimé, 2022. Photo : Marie Perrault

A review of the exhibition Ciels racines, presented at Arprim, center d’essai en art imprimé, Montreal, from January 21 to February 26, 2022.