Eidolons, Lorraine Simms

Catherine Barnabé, Lorraine Simms et James Sutherland-Smith, Eidolons, Montréal : Lorraine Simms, 2022, 60 p., ill. Photo : Paul Litherland

Catherine Barnabé, Lorraine Simms and James Sutherland-Smith, Eidolons (Montréal : Lorraine Simms, 2022), 60 p., ill. (English and French)

Graeme Patterson. A Suitable Den. A Landmark Den

Graeme Patterson, A Suitable Den, Galerie des arts visuels de l’Université Laval (Laval University Visual Arts Gallery), 2018. (detail). Photo : Michel Boucher

For the Mois Multi 2018’s program, Graeme Patterson adapted an installation originally designed for the BMO Project Room, a small office on the 68th floor of the Bank of Montreal’s Toronto headquarters, which annually hosts an artist project that can be visited by appointment.